Paper Towel – Green Bags

To keep fruits and vegetables fresher longer, I use paper towel and green bags.

After washing and drying the fruit and/or vegetables, wrap them in lint-free paper towels and place in green bags or zipper style bags.

Tupperware is the best for storage, but can be quite expensive. Once I had celery wrapped in paper towel stay store-fresh inside a celery container from Tupperware for several months. I could not believe it, but it is true! Unfortunately I melted the top when it was left too near the stove, so… back to green bags.

For a left over half of a tomato or onion, I fold a paper towel until it is slightly larger than the veggie and place cut side down on the paper towel. Place in the fridge and it will keep much longer than if it is a plastic bag, container or left unprotected. If it is several days between uses, the cut side will dry and shrivel a bit; simply slice off that end and use the good part.

When I prepare salads to go, I fold a paper towel and place in the container with salad to keep it dryer longer.

We don’t eat much bread, but when we do, I place a folded paper towel inside the bag to eliminate moisture. Just be sure to check it often and replace as necessary.

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